Standard Specialty Company

Frequently Asked Questions

Do the lamps come with a light bulb?

All 7-watt, 15-watt, and “rose-florescent” lamps come with bulbs. Lamps using standard bulbs instead of candelabra bulbs are not included with the lamp.

Where can I buy replacement light bulbs?

Bulbs may be purchased at most hardware, electrical supply, or variety stores. You may also buy 7-watt and 15-watt bulbs from Standard Specialty Company.

How do I clean the glass?

Clean glass with a dry soft cloth.

I broke my shade. May I purchase a replacement shade?

Yes, replacement tulip shades may be ordered individually. Some of the other shades are stocked separately from the base; contact SSC for specific items.

Do the lamps come in boxes?

Yes – each lamp is individually boxed.

What size bulb is recommended?

Use no more than the UL-listed maximum wattage on the socket.

My lamp arrived damaged. What should I do?

Report the problem to us as requested under Terms & Conditions.

I’m not a retailer. Where can I buy one of your lamps?

Please go to Find a Store to locate a retailer near you. Be sure to phone them ahead of time to check if they have the particular style that you want in-stock. If they don’t, ask them if they will be placing another order with us soon and if they would add your desired lamp to their order.